Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank You So Much for the Blog Award

I am truly honored.

Maggie over at Brainstorms: How Epilepsy and Writing Connect nominated me for the Reality and Shone On award, and I offer her a heartfelt thank you. It is wonderful to know there are readers out there who appreciate you and offer their support and kudos.

I now must tell seven things readers may not know about me and pass the award on to five other deserving bloggers. Please visit their sites, listed following Seven Facts About Myself -

1. I have four wonderful grandchildren, three girls and a boy, ages 16 months to 8 years.

2. I grew up on Long Island and went to Levittown schools.

3. Roughing it at my age is exercising (usually walking and sometimes bike riding) with an obligatory rest stop at Starbucks.

4. I love to travel.

5. I enjoy cooking but do not bake because I would eat all the goodies (especially brownies and cheesecake).

6. I love to dance.

7. I am currently taking a Creative Writing class.

I nominate the following five blogs for the Reality and Shine On award:

1. MissKris at a shelter from the storm

2. Rie at Age of Rieson

3. Diane at Cab Drollery

4. DJan at Eye on the Edge

5. Olga at  Confessions of a Grandma


  1. I'm going to visit all the blogs you suggested. They all look interesting. Thanks.

  2. I just happened to stop by since I saw you'd recently updated. I was very tickled to see my blog on your list and wanted to thank you! I've been blogging for an eternity as far as blogs go so I haven't done the Awards thing for several years now, but I will do a post on "7 Things You Don't Know About Me". Haven't done one of those in a LONG time...and that way you'll get a little more insight into who I am. Thanks again for the acknowledgment! ;-)

  3. Congrats! I too love to dance (B and I like ballroom dancing), but alas, no grandchildren yet. Keep up your great blogging!

  4. I knew many of those things about you from your writing, but some were new to me. Thanks for recognizing me also, and I will try to write some stuff about myself soon!

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